Closer Than You Think:


There was a time. I probably did not know it then, some twenty-two years ago. It would be my first encounter with the mystical. Something, not always seen by the human eye.

Although I was a kid, I was told kids are most welcomed, sort of innocence, a natural ability to receive.

So there I was, begging mom again.

Me: Can I please go to the park?
I’ll come home straight after.
I promise. Pretty please, with cherries on top.

Mom: Agh. We go through this everytime.
I guess you can go.
You better be home before the sun goes down.

Before she could finish. I was flying out the back door.
I’d walked over to the Phylis Wheatly Playground.
It was full of kids.

Kids on the Mary-go-round.
Kids on the slides.
Kids playing hide and seek.

So I choose the swings. I love being up high in the air.
Pushing a-l-l of my weight into flight.
I felt like, I could kiss the clouds.


I heard another girl say “my turn, my turn”
I knew I had to share so, I said “okay”.

Little Girl: Can you push me, please?

Me: Yeah I give you a head-start.

Little Girl: Higher, Higher, please.

I tried pushing her higher but I must have lost my footing. On the last push, I didn’t know, she’d let her hands go.

Why would she do that?

I saw the girl in mid-swing, heading straight for the metal railing.
I yelled out what momma said could always help me.

Momma: If ever you’re in trouble call on God, He/ she always shows up.

That’s when the first light came out of no-where.
Now. I probably sound like the crazy-cat-lady or something of out of sci-fi.

It’s the truth!

The light came,
picked the little girl up in mid-swing. Right before she crashed into the railing.

I saw she was gonna be fine:
And don’t ask me why?
I ran.

I’d took-off like I’d seen a ghost.
Only now I know better.

(fast forward) Two years ago, Thanksgiving Day

My sister and I are sitting around the dining-room table with families of our own. For whatever reason, I started sharing this same story. Strangely enough, she interrupted wait, I’d seen it too. Did she see what I saw?

Now we both sound like two bat-crazed ladies or there really is a truth here.

A light came down, straightened the little girl’s swing.
and as a fast it came, it left.

She’d run home too. I never asked why she’d run. I never stayed around to see the other little girl. I figure she’d be fine. When I left, she seemed like she was still having the time of her life.

Suffice it to say, with that encounter, I welcome the light. That light can help me anytime.~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley signing off


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