Works of Wholeness (part2)

There is a light growing in my living room
It has slipped through my curtains
onto the ceiling fan
they flame, they fall…

such delicate things.
Lights whose prayers make, peace
Lights who laugh when there’s bad news.
Lights who burn hotter because of tumultuous dues.

Lights who ignite other lights
Lights who hold while others die out.
Lights who catch morning and nightly teas.
Lights who listen to the stillness.
Lights who take wishes and dreams come true
Lights that sing gospel and shout the blues.
Lights that strut down Broadway.

Lost lights down Main.
Stolen lights of immigration
Uncounted lights of deportation

Lights don’t come in vain
Lights don’t need squeezing

And to the light growing in my living room,
you are magnificent.~your Kindness Sister Krissy Mosley


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