Month: September 2018

  Over there and over here storms like Sundays’ meetings they keep coming. life’s not supposed to hurt, not like a thousand different storms thrashing out that kind of beauty all we’ve ever owned on the street evicted shoelaces, and nothing to keep not the door, not the chair, not the love-seat, not even the […]

If all the world could take a back seat of all the noise plundering my faults into the distant past. I could hear the symphony of a billion lights and chords could catch the ache/ for a second time, and I’d play the chords of all the lights/ that I could ever be broken and […]

I’d fought like many women before me not to be this… I’d thought of myself better off and that was a lie. Then one day I thought I should tell the whole truth. It’s a cultural thing of the fatherless to be caged little birds. Or the tattered strings before the rainbow’s that hold us […]

All at once it seemed to be 1.49am that’s when I started to dream. I know this because somehow, I close my eyes staring at the time. There were many crystal fountains but they weren’t turning there were many kinds of streams but none, flowing there were beds of flowers: dandelions, lilacs, and bluebonnets some […]

At first, I thought it must be selfish. as the punch rippled through mama’s three hundred pound body with early morning bacon staggered-air At first hit, the jabs to the chest didn’t seem to phase but what, hum, stunned manifest A brother, A sister A family falling apart He’d hit stone. I know mama’s gotta […]

Today I’ve felt invisible. The bump in the hallway. The cold shoulder in the lunchroom. An awkward space opens wider and smaller as I fill it. I’ve raised my voice, roaring in transmission Slipping motorless on purpose Composure, head up act-like I belong To popularity. To the roaring crowd and slip away, anyway I can […]

My inner conversations seem to be much louder these days. As my thoughts catch buses alone. Down slick dark roads, where nobody’s lives, and nobody knows where we’re going not even me. It’s d 9:19 as turn in. There’s lady pushing a deflated wheel. On the rim, she’s been riding like that for two days. […]