FullSpeed Ahead:

My inner conversations seem to be much louder these days. As my thoughts catch buses alone. Down slick dark roads, where nobody’s lives, and nobody knows where we’re going not even me.

It’s d 9:19 as turn in. There’s lady pushing a deflated wheel. On the rim, she’s been riding like that for two days. I know it’s none of my business but why.

Why ride the rim?

Flapping consoling what is
slowing down traffic,
hazardous flashes glare.
On her way to work, I guess by any means
Meanwhile, I caught bus 23. Standing shoulder to shoulder an older woman whooped me with her cane. I moaned, for a little while. Got off at the next stop said for all that I could walk the rest of the way.

I’d already picked up speed. Before I knew it, I was running trying to catch the next bus before my thoughts got out ahead of me. ~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley


6 thoughts on “FullSpeed Ahead:

  1. rhcwilliams

    Rough commute, Krissy! But why did the older woman whoop you with her cane? Was it an accident? Well, I apologize to you on behalf of all of us older ladies with canes, dear heart. 🙂 My cane is sparkly and purple. Never to be used as a weapon, only as a weapon of love!


    1. Visionariekind Post author

      No. I think Ms. Lady knew very well what she was doing. However, in her defense it was extremely crowded, and I don’t think she liked being shoulder to shoulder. On the bright side, I didn’t know canes came in such beautiful colors 🙂 P.S. I’ve gotten a laugh out of writting what happened to me and I think memories should be enjoyed.

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      1. rhcwilliams

        Mercy! She must’ve been having a day and decided to share the pain. We’ve got our fair share of Ms. Ladies here in New Jersey, I must say. Oh, and my cane is not only sparkly and purple, it also folds up to close and opens automatically. When I open it, it shoots out like a spring-loaded weapon. Good thing your lady didn’t have one of these! 🙂


  2. Maren

    Same thought I have — now that I have my shiny titanium knee I don’t have the purple cane but man I never hit anyone. Maybe like so many of us she just needed to be noticed, to be remembered.



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