Not Pretending:

Today I’ve felt invisible.
The bump in the hallway.
The cold shoulder in the lunchroom.

An awkward space opens wider and smaller as I fill it.
I’ve raised my voice, roaring in transmission
Slipping motorless on purpose

Composure, head up act-like I belong
To popularity. To the roaring crowd
and slip away, anyway I can to be myself

Slip, small, slip, small, slip…
Invisibility is an odd man’s disease
environmentally stung by the people
on notice,

What remedy, I’ve rendered
when I am led

To the rocks higher than I
whose angels bring fresh manna
when we are forgotten.

Wash our
breathless tears with hyssop and myrrh

I pray,
Dear God/ he who feeds little birds help
all lost birds, like me,~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley


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