On Life’s Edge:

I’d known her prayers over here and over there
bundles of things old and used
 I can’t control,
 can’t seem to fit
tops, see-through-rainbows,
fearless -hopes
her tears, I’d cried several of yesterday’s clouds
dancing on wisdom’s gills
and this time I’d said I’ve grown
said I’ve learned a few things of my own
where I’m from,  my people are
stoned, by the flyby-swipes
whose right
whose next
whose high
whose eyes are walls
with speechless, tremble
and needles are tripped
mid-sentence smoked
on meth on coke on flu
Dear God I pray
you’d grant us mercy
for things out of control
Dear God I pray for all lost souls~your kindness sister Krissy

7 thoughts on “On Life’s Edge:

  1. Maren

    There are so many lost souls. Thank you for this. Suring this month I am in New Zealand (Aotearoa) I see through other’s eyes how much my country is a collection of the lost in so many wasy.

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