Another Time Such As This:

Sparrows on the gate
forklifts plowing

chisel rock apartments
sounds of souls

deported/ untold

knocking rivers together
fears in our prayers
tears in our sleep

sojourn in skin
taste the prayers in the river
salt it out/melt out the colors of Ivory/Jasper/Jade

As long as it takes:
A garden to be born
A song to be merry
A love to keep
A sky to break
A soul to grow
~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley


6 thoughts on “Another Time Such As This:

  1. Maren

    On the one hand we are all given “as long as it takes” — that’s what life is and, on the other, we are never given “as long as it takes” because that forces us to pass the responsibility on to the ones who follow us.



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