Unstuck: “Lucy We’ve Got Things To Do”

Sometimes it's the little things

This is the day I said I needed to get unstuck.
I just wasn’t sure how so I made a cup of coffee. Looked my morning over, saw the fly stuck on the window. The morning-frost pressing into steam. Took a breath for good measure. Mentally stuck, emotionally drained and then it hit me more like I stumped my toe on the corner my chair.

Boy did that hurt, throbbing and hopping around. I could have called it a bad day, my morning ju-ju out of sorts. It’s kinda funny, although tell that to my pinky toe.

My Unstuck List Day:

1) Play my favorite Comedy Love Thy Neighbor by Tyler Perry
that Ms. Hattie is super hilarious or I love Lucy(oldie but goodie)
2) Eat Cholate (hey it helps)
3) Keep Writing
4) Work on my goals and check off lists
5) It’s Friday whoo we’ve made it through another week (live a little more)

Hey, if I do three out of five that will be miraculous.
And if you’re taking out time to read this you’re magnificent

P.S. I don’t know if I’m unstuck or not but this felt good. Writing my feelings down and face it.~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley

3 thoughts on “Unstuck: “Lucy We’ve Got Things To Do”

  1. Maren

    Hey I am unstuck from Friday because it is Saturday in Auckland NZ — another two weeks here. OK I’m working, yes, I’m working … but I’m also looking for Diwali festival sites because all the cultures rub here in New Zealand just like natural, not dangerous and not self-righteous liberal. Just … neighbors. So I am going to bite some curry while you find chocolate and we both will write.


    1. Visionariekind Post author

      Wow, this is so amazing. Please enjoy some curry for me as well and yes we will write. I’m so glad to hear of your whereabouts on your travels so cool. One day I’ll be able to travel and see these one wonderful things. Until then, you must keep us posted as you are in my prayers. Also I’m pleased to hear these wonderful people are kind as neighbors. What a beautiful thing. I’m finishing up my Friday as you maybe approaching Sunday -blessings. much love and fun~ your online pal Krissy



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