When The Media Comes Knocking:

They’re hungry always have been. They drink with their sponges in tongues at the ready. Touched/curled matches made in gossip.

Shut up! You/you don’t know.

I had two hearts. Gave up the first in solid/ frozen waters, I wanted to live.
In a place, I called alone. I needed to survive. In people who had no thought
of the next burden/ the next meal/ the next fight.

I had two worlds the one like breadcrumbs/hard/stale/burden/unsatisfied. The taste of another/fresh/oven-filled aroma on our little house.

Sweep a whisper on paper skies. Be the magic or miracle you get to decide.
Write it on newly chopped paper.

I’m better now.~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley


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