Logged in my shoe was a rusty green pebble
knots/ along my walk/convinced me

I examined my story
lumps of newspapers under my arm
people don’t read them anymore

I’d walk out of a painted picture
onto the canvas,

I’d colored my shaved
head cherry-brown

Into the misty/staggered fog
scattered plans of a lifetime
A million calamities but they are mine.

They are my someday’s/ someday when the sunset
is crimson red and the wind is dry

Someday in the fullness of surrender
Someday plowing under red clay of Georgia Sky
Someday melting ice cubes in chandeliers
Someday, I’ve tasted glory
I’ve grown grey chasing persistence
standing at my highest peak

Someday I’ll watch my dreams blossom
into flowerbeds, bluebirds, and bluebonnets too

Someday I’ll look back
over that rusty green pebble
in my shoe

an undeniable whisper
it’s true~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley♥


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