God Cares, It’s The Little Things:


I believe it was about three Sundays’ ago. After worship service, I made a B-line for the sanctuary door. Worship service was okay. I walked away feeling a disconnect between my prayer life/ God/ and the congregational worship.

Maybe it was just me. Or maybe others could feel it too. The Praise team was wonderful, the music was great but then that longing came back to be in the presence of God. That unction, that God’s not finished with you and you need to get back in here quick.

However, with little time to slow down, I said a quick prayer like just me and you, God. Ashe.Amen…

Then I loaded the kids up in the car. Off we went onto the next mission, for Sunday Supper. As I made my way to the store, I could hear this humming in my ears. I couldn’t quite place the tune.

I soon found myself picking up the vegetables, to make a three bean soup. Standing in the check out line, I saw a beautiful pink, breast-cancer ring. I stared at the woman’s ring long enough until finally, I complimented her.

She replied oh’ thank you, here you go, pass it on.

I was stunned, my mouth dropped. As she gave me a hug and walked away.
I said in a whisper I didn’t mean for you to give it to me.
In response, she said, what is a ring if can’t be shared.
Immediately, I thanked her.

On my way to the car, I kept talking with God. God, what just happened? She literally handed me a ring off her finger. Just gave it to me. Why? Maybe it’s not for me to contemplate. Just accept all the tiny miracles both small and great.

The disconnect I felt earlier vanished. I was with God the whole time, rather God was with me and maybe this was a huge reminder God sees, God hears, and he has not forgotten the smallest of prayers. Amen


15 thoughts on “God Cares, It’s The Little Things:

  1. rhcwilliams

    Love this story, Krissy!

    I was trying to think of the word for your posts, and found it: “replenishing”

    It’s as if we have this tiny oasis to refill our stores of hope in a world that takes it away (or tries to) piece by piece. 🌷

    Liked by 1 person


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