Month: November 2018

Dear November Notes, As you slip away into crisp, frozen hills of December, here’s what I’ve turned from stoned, into waters overflowing. I’ve befriended rejection as it sat next to me. Something I’ve smoothly rubbed into beautiful furs of living. As I am alive, the smiles of my children dazzle into snow-angels, playing in the […]

Sometimes love comes at a price, sitting at the dinner table morning coffee, beeswax jelly beans, and a newspaper four legs giveaways, the years unattended in empty parking lots unsupervised, unapprehended many loves can’t afford to pay everybody watching/nobody sees brother smoking cigarettes in my room  brother blowing smoke in my face both hands around my neck/ he squeezing the […]

Dear Hope, I’ve been extra careful not to use your name in vain. Or become too spirited too soon. Mama’s always said not to be getting my hopes up. Although I’ve often seen it come alive in little children. I think it’s because they’re closer to God than all of us. All I know, we […]

For the first time in forever, I appreciated the silence. The humming heater gently soothing the cold air. The front door wide open, allowing the foggy steam to blanket a warmth to the door. Meanwhile, daybreak went rogue. Stretched across all the shadows in the night  Then the soul-people gather themselves together huddled through tapered […]

Today I became the silent wonderer in my mind. Unconsciously, I wanted to be living the dream. You know the one, the happily-ever-after, sweeps you off your feet. And there you sit in the passenger side watching the driver steer the white drawn horses down the city street. You turn and wave to people passing by. You […]

God is both all of it and nothing of it. In essence, all of it. Then the mind can have none effect on the infinite God that lies within. None of it, known or will ever know, such great tender-fields that holds a mind, a world inside a world, beneath such beauty, in the midst […]