Not Pretending: Partwo

A beautiful mind cut in sections
with a small pair of scissors
unmasked for the ages
let them cut/see in/ pink/bright-red/wagging

inflated in many faces but all one and the same
priests/pedophile/gods of little gods/man/murder/friend

impregnated by the naivety/identities skewered
by the bull

mask/press/shake/loose intentions

Of perfecting
A beautiful/ blinded-mind

horns/ salted/sword/stroke/surrounded mounds
in mounds loving/hating/unfriending/pending
holding still/ recklessly endangered bulls

split/gently/soft down the middle
born of death/disease/sworn I wouldn’t tell
elapsing between the faces

but its time/ I survived it/ ripped out its spleen
that rat-face bull/people walked around staring it in the face
and refused to believe what you see is only half
the story and other wears the mask of a
billions of shades/ semi-cut
and fit for the blind~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley


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