Hold Still:


In a moment, I’d felt an urge to walk and so I did. A flock of birds fluttered over my head. I stood at that moment, felt time slow down to nothing. Time never was, it was me. I relied on time.

Walking again the flowers were more vivid in Autumns’ beauty. A sure rose of the morning. Two baby rabbits are on my path. I try not to startle them. I watch their beauty evolve, white paws, pink little nose tips, eyes so clear and bright. The earth cares for them. Picking green grass as fruit. Closer the wild creatures hop into the bushes and they are gone.

my thoughts
into stillness

Spill out
a refreshing

III. Taste
the waters
of nectar

relieving the mind

From her duties
inside~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley


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