Two Pints:



Melt away into the seas of forgetfulness,
Shake my soul God

I’ve got tears in my pocket for safekeeping
ripped down the days of lost findings
lonely night birds/ hold my soul God

I don’t wanna force on a smile
I don’t wanna sing a sad song
don’t wanna go-on pretending

and you said,
I put a hole where your heart was
I blew fresh a wind to restore-us
I brought the angels/you saw them fly for the first time

I put your soul in my pocket for safekeeping
hold my hand chile/ we’ve got many, many lost seas here

this one is yours,
throw your hurts into the sea of forgetfulness
please believe me,

there is no need to carry this sea,
no need to bury those tears

I sing to you this night song,
I’ve pressed your tears into sweet wine

I shake your soul/ you come alive,
and you,
mine~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley


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