You bring The Ocean:

you are an ocean

I’d thought I share this only because it heals and reminds me that we are so much more than we know.

Even when the world can’t understand
our language. Or see our persistent nature as healing:
ever loving,
ever reaching,
ever thriving,
ever learning,
ever surrendering, ever-being still. ~Kindness sister Krissy Mosley

4 thoughts on “You bring The Ocean:

  1. Monique.Art for Pain Therapy

    I just Love your way with WORDS!!! Are we born with these abilities and its up to us to learn to tap into them? I read somewhere that we all have gifts and its up to us to find out what they are. I do know that when I write in my journal I feel so much better and I’m learning more as I progress and doing more self-care techniques…breathing techniques, because I hold my breath a lot when I’m stressed. It’s really bad for you. Anyway, I didn’t mean to talk your ear off. I really enjoy reading your post and your WORDS really tap into my inner quiet, content and thoughtful spirit. Thank you for that!!! Monique


    1. Visionariekind Post author

      No worries, Monique, I appreciate every word spoken. You are so right, we all have gifts some get covered-up over time. Then it’s up to us to do some soul-searching and digging to find them but they are always there. Truly great minds think alike and thank you for adding this beautiful piece 💕😊



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