When I think of A Prayer:


A tiny moment to capture
all the light I’d found

the warmth of summer
the morning’ dew, bursting-light

winter’s whites on the ground

Glass crack candles
wax pouring out

Hand-me-down prayers of the saints
translating tears/ of blood and faith

tell it to the river
where the river parts ways

The sky carry waters
since I could remember

our prayers became a sanctuary
flimsy little tears setting sail

When I think of a prayer I think
of women who slay dragons in their sleep

I think of the elder mothers/ she placed her faith in me
Held it to the river/ placed sanctuary in my soul

Home is prayer, in time I’d get back there
hold up that light/strike aflame or three
anchor my knees for those alone
fighting invisible dragons

a tiny prayer even
the smallest one
holds all the light
I’ve found~kindness sis. Krissy


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