Dear November Notes:

Dear November Notes,
As you slip away into crisp, frozen hills of December,
here’s what I’ve turned from stoned, into waters overflowing.
I’ve befriended rejection as it sat next to me. Something I’ve smoothly rubbed into beautiful furs of living.
As I am alive, the smiles of my children dazzle into snow-angels, playing in the snow. The curtains are full of posts notes. Notes of thanks, 21 days and counting. Abundance has met us in the worthiness of living, miracles-over- miracles, beyond-suffering.
Close my eyes on sorrow, open my eyes to rosy-cheeks,
Close my eyes on yesterday, open my eyes its morning
Close my eyes on the evening news, open my eyes/ blink- that’s a blessing
Close my eyes on the world open my eyes in peace
Close my eyes, citrus, and lavender, clothes are washing
 Open my eyes, I’ve got work to do
Clothes my eyes, a taste of life, cherries on my palette
Open my eyes, warmth in my veins
and here and now and new~kindness sis. Krissy

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