Month: December 2018

On the cusp of a moment The person I see. I’m aware, the minor keys will have her an impact these versions may fade the silence to speak continual well-being of peace internal wholness awakening~Kindness sis. Krissy

Someone once asked if I was real. Really, me? Online that is. In this day and age, I guess you have to ask. No, I’m not a robot. No, I don’t pay for followers. Yes, I’d rather have real people and real conversation. I’m just saying take that away and we’d lose human connection, human […]

Practice the moments so dear and fleeting. That it is this very second: there are wings to fly. Wings that sing. Wings that soar. Wings that perch beneath the souls of man and call us home.~Kindness sis. Krissy

  When the souls of the world press towards a sacred peace the sun to smile in moments the earth to bow her spirit’s seed a cry for help so genuinely~Kindness sis. Krissy      

In the shortest moment of reflection, I’ve realized the more I’ve attempted in making something of myself, the more miserable- I am in the making. ( I’m in no ways giving up, I’m just saying) Comparing myself to others, degreed or scrutiny. Employable or lazy. Pursuit or retreat. Mediocracy or exceptional. You get the point. […]