Dear Fearless Girls:

I thought I’d killed fear. Through and through with good intent. Committed the best of best on the worst day, money can’t buy. So there I was, holding fear by its tail dragging it from closet to closet. Even put it under the bed once. None that mounted up to a hill of beans. Not on a cold day, dress in my finest Sunday suit, going to church without me.
I was ready to be fearless if there ever was such a thing.
No, but you fear, have left me no choice. I don’t have to go far to find, where I’ve last laid eyes on you.  In the mailbox – got me questioning my decisions and monies going. Hardly enough coming in. Under the hood of my car, wondering, scratching my head dealing with that headache.
Can I go the distance, you say? You may have outsmarted me once, okay a few. I’ll give you that. I’d like to think I’ve held my own. I just want you to know. I’ve been asking around, doing my homework, if you will.
This is beginning, of the end, a long road you and I.
Without further ado, this letter will suffice, termination,  immediate eviction, out of the corners of my mind! Don’t worry about returning the key.
I’ve padded that lock with a deadbolt
It’s time I dare myself, call in reinforcements if I have to. Use all my creative passion for the arts,  I call life. And surely, courageously, read this back to myself and know,
I’m the girl I’ve been waiting for.~your Kindness sis Krissy

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