God Is: When you Least expect it

Don'tLet the wonders of God pass youby

Once I’d received checks in the mail from a bank that shall remain nameless. No bus-throwing over here. Okay. Where was I? Oh right, checks in the mail. It had been several years since we moved and closed our accounts.

Not sure what my husband and I left in those accounts. As the mail arrived, I read the name on the envelope. Immediately my mind said: “Nope, they won’t get another dime”.

However, that wasn’t the case, it read something, along-the-lines, with many failed attempts to reach – C. and Kris Mosley. We have mailed the following amounts.

I couldn’t believe it. I shouted like it was Sunday morning/ & God himself came down and touched me.

We had no food in the house during that time. What a Christmas miracle. The kids had no idea we bearly any food nor that things were tight.

So now, when I think of God. I think of a limitless God,

who can always show up in small white envelopes you never know.
God’s good like that~ your kindness sis. Krissy (all true stories)



Published by: Visionariekind

Krissy Mosley is a story-teller. Recalling stories to build bridges of peace. A folklorist to bring sounds of joy and healing vibrations. Krissy Marie is a writer /feminist, mother advocating for change surrounding women’s rights and women's’ issues.

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