Baptizing Lions:


I have a feeling everything has changed
light roaring at the darkness
darkness roaring back

sleepy skies, eyes coming apart
blue/purple/ ecstatic/ rose

All of us – Lions prowling

icy-cold-mud/ pearly-glinting-snow
blue haze surrounding
sugar plants, schoolyards, and school zones,

lions on watch
shake a mane
pat a brow

squeezed in a few more

slouched, in a fold-up chair
four rows, second column to the left
sticky gum, still-chewable

answer lion, roar silently
hairballs, cough
squeeze back a roar

cat it out now
lumps in the throat

if this is my life
not a hairless feline
nor a ghostly-shadow
nor somebody else’s paws
pretending/ and I’m not

A roar, is a roar, is a roar,
a spirited one

spears and sparrows
gardens, and thorns
bridges, and thickets

I hear the voices
of a thousand
women trapped
all in one

courage up,
brave it out, girls~kindness sis. Krissy


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