The funny thing about today, I purposely hug a tree. Okay, I hug a tree. Shh, I quietly asked permission. At first, I was nervous to hug a tree. One that’s been in my front yard since I could remember and never had I nerved the courage before today.
I felt a sense of cold, calm, collected stillness, as I wrap my little arms around its bark. There in the middle of hugging,
 I thought by far this is the stupidest thing I’ve committed myself to.
However, all stupidity aside.
A centered connection to the earth, even while the temperatures plummeted, this tree held a warmth of peace for me. And shared with me, the miracles of being- that alive- thing,
unabated, unhinged and yet its roots are deeper and stronger and its very core a life-giver to all of us. ~
P.S I guess I’m one of those now shh, ~Kindness sis. Krissy



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