In the shortest moment of reflection, I’ve realized the more I’ve attempted in making something of myself, the more miserable- I am in the making. ( I’m in no ways giving up, I’m just saying)

Comparing myself to others, degreed or scrutiny. Employable or lazy. Pursuit or retreat. Mediocracy or exceptional. You get the point. Comparing myself to a non-forgiving stigma of what success looks like or rather burdened with.

As it turns out, my life’s needs could use simplicity, not more judgmental compromise.

So in this same moment, I’m setting sail to rejuvenate the soul, small steps in simplicity. Stretching out, for longer walks in December. Watching the sunlight, melt frozen icicles on the rooftops. Smell more scented candles: lavender, citrus, vanilla, rosemary, and mint.

Love is a regurgitating thing, loving even the wounded and their wounds~ kindness sis. Krissy


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