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Respect: One Sentence

I’m not trying to go crazy,

running from crazy only wind up losing my mind.~kindness sis. Krissy



The funny thing about today, I purposely hug a tree. Okay, I hug a tree. Shh, I quietly asked permission. At first, I was nervous to hug a tree. One that’s been in my front yard since I could remember and never had I nerved the courage before today.
I felt a sense of cold, calm, collected stillness, as I wrap my little arms around its bark. There in the middle of hugging,
 I thought by far this is the stupidest thing I’ve committed myself to.
However, all stupidity aside.
A centered connection to the earth, even while the temperatures plummeted, this tree held a warmth of peace for me. And shared with me, the miracles of being- that alive- thing,
unabated, unhinged and yet its roots are deeper and stronger and its very core a life-giver to all of us. ~
P.S I guess I’m one of those now shh, ~Kindness sis. Krissy


Did Anybody Tell You: It’s Okay

Many waters, drip down
into the bones
those lone dark roads
contentions breaking strange-friends
I say hello/ you say welcome
a paradox of good and evil
choosing roads less traveled/
wasn’t as hard as it seems/ God, can you hear me?
not knowing has played her part
harder still/ knowing,
in between the moments there sleeps
a tender silence, awakened by the floods
mimicking footsteps
echoing for the path
to become…~kindness sis. Krissy

What insights I’ve gained as a writer

1) The stories of my life are here to teach me
2) Am I listening to the stories long enough for precise improvement
3) As I sit down to write the novel, every single stroke has an impact
4) create a writer’s fail safety plan
5) Where have I buried the most valuable stories
6) Constructing writing routines around parenting
7) read.
8) Take time and smile
9) laugh and be
10) just simply be


“You are never stronger…than when you land on the other side of despair.” Zadie Smith



Baptizing Lions:


I have a feeling everything has changed
light roaring at the darkness
darkness roaring back

sleepy skies, eyes coming apart
blue/purple/ ecstatic/ rose

All of us – Lions prowling

icy-cold-mud/ pearly-glinting-snow
blue haze surrounding
sugar plants, schoolyards, and school zones,

lions on watch
shake a mane
pat a brow

squeezed in a few more

slouched, in a fold-up chair
four rows, second column to the left
sticky gum, still-chewable

answer lion, roar silently
hairballs, cough
squeeze back a roar

cat it out now
lumps in the throat

if this is my life
not a hairless feline
nor a ghostly-shadow
nor somebody else’s paws
pretending/ and I’m not

A roar, is a roar, is a roar,
a spirited one

spears and sparrows
gardens, and thorns
bridges, and thickets

I hear the voices
of a thousand
women trapped
all in one

courage up,
brave it out, girls~kindness sis. Krissy