Month: December 2018

    The funny thing about today, I purposely hug a tree. Okay, I hug a tree. Shh, I quietly asked permission. At first, I was nervous to hug a tree. One that’s been in my front yard since I could remember and never had I nerved the courage before today. I felt a sense of cold, calm, […]

Many waters, drip down into the bones those lone dark roads contentions breaking strange-friends I say hello/ you say welcome a paradox of good and evil choosing roads less traveled/ wasn’t as hard as it seems/ God, can you hear me? not knowing has played her part harder still/ knowing, in between the moments there […]

1) The stories of my life are here to teach me 2) Am I listening to the stories long enough for precise improvement 3) As I sit down to write the novel, every single stroke has an impact 4) create a writer’s fail safety plan 5) Where have I buried the most valuable stories 6) […]

I have a feeling everything has changed light roaring at the darkness darkness roaring back sleepy skies, eyes coming apart blue/purple/ ecstatic/ rose All of us – Lions prowling pyramids-of-people icy-cold-mud/ pearly-glinting-snow blue haze surrounding sugar plants, schoolyards, and school zones, lions on watch shake a mane pat a brow rows-of-nonverbals squeezed in a few […]