Month: January 2019

My abundance story, every- non-material thing is supplied. Well-being: is sustainable, guiding, love throughout life. Life of – present abundant, unconditional love. As creation happens. A small glowing light shining through, where peace may abound, and love prevails.  all is well.  the well-being of intentions: a miraculous flow – happening through our tiny lights~kindness sis. Krissy

When stillness enters I have no need to contemplate the future. Worrying over a false sense of something that hasn’t taken place. “Be.” I hear in a soft whisper. Rising out of chaos in my head. On the first try, my eyes closed but my mind speeds up. Thinking harder about my past choices even […]

The energy of life is all around us. Life’s energy is one of many of earth’s blessings. Sensations beyond what can be felt from the body. More so it has awakened the guide within. The healer within. The shifter within. Being called into the present – deeply knowing who you are beyond the noise, beyond all […]

just scratching the surface bending more surrendered thoughts that didn’t matter as much now knees, falling on my sword chin in my prayers listening to God and my children listening to the blood tiny footsteps gathering at my bed all-encompassing surrendered -childlike behold in better eyes not in replacement not needed in that time just […]

On things that have no standing winding roads, charging winds worlds, swallow fast, cars, homes, cities and everything in it pace yourself taste the rhythms salt-melted, gentility galaxies of the mind a quest beyond identity hardened label pups of whom nothing is for certain a wooden plaque scores boards and fools heaps and heaps of […]

In the beginning, as God has made the day, God has made the spirits of the souls, all in a day and set alight without its form tapping warmth on shoulders of pain  a bridge so wide it creeks it leans, it soaks up all the steps in his place an essence, resilient on its […]