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Releasing Abundance:

My abundance story, every- non-material thing is supplied. Well-being: is sustainable, guiding, love throughout life.

Life of – present abundant, unconditional love. As creation happens. A small glowing light shining through, where peace may abound, and love prevails.
 all is well.

 the well-being of intentions:
a miraculous flow –

happening through our

tiny lights~kindness sis. Krissy

Burning Spirit: Lights On

When stillness enters I have no need to contemplate the future. Worrying over a false sense of something that hasn’t taken place. “Be.” I hear in a soft whisper. Rising out of chaos in my head.

On the first try, my eyes closed but my mind speeds up. Thinking harder about my past choices even the most vulnerable ones. My mind says to me. “Your not ready are you?”

I hollered back “yes I am. Yes, I can be,” but I have a habit of shaking my legs from time to time when I’m sitting down. So the mind is right, okay maybe not right now.

“Be still.”  The voice comes in a little more, quiet. The room fades back. Sensing the light breaking through – black and white curtains.

I couldn’t hear the rest,  I believe it was the presence of God. Quieting -things, that consumes… The talk with God. To hear his voice so near. “God is”. And in that space that can’t be defined, we are drawn for the renewal of the light that burns us into beings in this world. And prepares us for worlds to come.

“Be still and know..” well we know the rest~kindness sis. Krissy


Something abundant is happening to me.png
The energy of life is all around us. Life’s energy is one of many of earth’s blessings. Sensations beyond what can be felt from the body. More so it has awakened the guide within. The healer within. The shifter within.
Being called into the present – deeply knowing who you are beyond the noise, beyond all fears. In spirit’s love that holds us by the reins. The winds that gather us back within a space of wholeness- perfection. This order of God that made all things in his image and in his perfection.
May the blessings of life’s energy touch you gently and lift you into well being..~`kindness sis. krissy
P.S. Something abundant is happening to me

Learning How To Be:

just scratching the surface
bending more surrendered thoughts
that didn’t matter as much now

knees, falling on my sword
chin in my prayers

listening to
God and my children
listening to the blood

tiny footsteps
gathering at my bed

surrendered -childlike
behold in better eyes

not in replacement
not needed in that time

just a pinch of glory
beyond the senes

feel it alive
melting the issues against
the mattress of the mind

dropping into stillness with God
and God’s dear children

bringing back a portion of serenity
for a tiny world so desperate and
learning how to breathe
learning how to see
learning how to let it all go
learning how it didn’t matter

scratching the just surface
latter waters and former rainfall
listening to the veins

~kindness sis. Krissy

Miracle Thoughts

On things that have no standing
winding roads, charging winds
worlds, swallow fast,

cars, homes, cities and everything in it

pace yourself
taste the rhythms
salt-melted, gentility
galaxies of the mind

a quest beyond identity
hardened label pups
of whom nothing is for certain
a wooden plaque
scores boards and fools
heaps and heaps of untreasured rubber

blown by a nail, hammered
into place

drag, hamp, bounce
one used spare
buried against another

possibly abandon potential,
empty pursuits, burning-
pneumonia air – catch your death out there

bundle up, head in the clouds
long walks inside

gentility, the pausing mind
covers the worlds we know
softens, liquid, snow

grace renewed
sweep our prayers to God
and grace our dreams,
beleived~ kindness sis. Krissy

The Essence of The Song:

In the beginning, as God has made the day,
God has made the spirits of the souls, all in a day
and set alight without its form
tapping warmth on shoulders of pain
 a bridge so wide it creeks
it leans, it soaks up all the steps in his place
an essence, resilient
on its stilts creeping
over weeping knees
 Souls of spirits
 hanging on the ropes
that hold the bridge together
fathom God,
jilting back the clock of time
lighted on a cross
built all in a moment
giving up
touching vinegar on his lips
thorns in his hair
blood and water on his side
his eyes to the sky

a pursuit of love, for the spirit,

abide with God-  God is love.
it is the spirits’ -song
Sing o’ spirit, in the soul
sing out the songs only
the spirit knows
sing it on the cross
on the bridge
on steps that hold this bridge
Mother behold your son
Children behold your friend
daughters behold your healer
Love has finished its work
Love has given up his cross
Love has laid down his life
and yet this love lives
and would do it all again,
and save every soul,
even if – only for one moment
~kindness sis. Krissy

Not The Same Old Thing:

transpire the light r

There I was in the thickets and weeds deeply invested in the negatives. This and that. Swaying one way and then another. Coming apart at the seams. Sown loosely together once the world’s notions set in.

An old bag of threads, swiftly mended and worn. I’d looked to find these loose ends, there’s a hole in my sock, in my pocket and even in my couch No point of hiding it. That’s just what they are.

Things. Things. Things.
I could chalk this up as bad karma or madness in living.

What I will say, here’s to the right now. All these things have taught me the value of a smile, a priceless ebb, and flow that joy brings.

I have used my couch, my sock, and even my pocket very well.
So much so there’s proof

So here’s to the right now, Deeply breathing as the earth heaves and rest.
I’ll do the same. Smiling at the hole in my pocket.
In gratitude, I’m so grateful. Blissful in comfort here’s to the right now.
Cheers~kindness sis. Krissy

Love & Love & Love


litany of light

A light of beauty can glow. I know they say it’s ugly. Folks in the world would have me believe that it is. There are times that I do.

Now I think, in healing the world, we’ll heal the minds of the world. That shape its’ colors – soft greys and cooling tones and even when it storms, the clouds sing in harmony.
The voices in the distance echo back its origin. A name unto itself, a gentle warmth to all its nature.

and the world is beautiful,
the essence of radiant moons and gleaming lights.

lights that heal
lights that exchange sufferings of another
in gems of splendor
in valor
in beauty
in truth
in practice
in wounds
in past mistakes
in falling apart
in getting up
in forgiving
in starting over
in present
in saving
in quietness
magnificent beauty
in loving themselves~kindness sis. Krissy