This Generation I’m raising:

Back then I knew nothing,
after the children, I now know
nothing even more
I’ve come to terms with that
this generation I’m raising
they are all the wise
 it seems
they were born with tablets in their hands leapfrogs in the bouncer
and they say “mom why are you still using gas its time to upgrade
where’s the electric car?”
I cringe at the image of cars that drive themselves,
they are probably right by now
 but one thing I do know – they don’t have that kind of money
so I wish them 20 years later paying bills, upgrading, downsizing, living in America then come back, when they too know nothing like me~Kindness sis. Krissy

8 thoughts on “This Generation I’m raising:

  1. America On Coffee

    There’s a song that has the same wisdom as you have shared. It is a liittle different being the father never give the son time snd then the son grows up the father older slows down. But the son has no time for his father. Your wisdom is similarly unique we grow up, raise children. and grow older. What we’ve learned is impacted by a whole new generation of ideologies. Every generation tread the path of knowing, vs new changes and understanding. to adapt or not adapt to. I love your choice of words, composition and brevity that centers upon wisdom. Beautiful and truthful share!💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Visionariekind Post author

      You have shared this beautiful piece of enouragment with me- wow I truly came here to read this twice over -taking it all in. Suh a wonderful light, that you’d leave these words for me to find. What an honor to share this journey with you America on Coffee, this made my weekend bright. Thank you 🎶😊



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