Do You Really Need Another Title?

It was subtle.
not abrupt,
not aggressive
nor easily angered
nor readily noticeable.
The change,
I want to see- in kind.

A steady,
bit by bit,
mark by mark

mile by mile
path by path
No labels for this and that
No thoughts for this and that

nothing needed, nothing seized

In kind, a delight
un-labeled, un-entitled
huge eraser, shavings
for mistakes, for petty crimes
even they can’t exist

No Ma-am
No sir
that’s not needed

where I’m headed
in my mind
un- tapered

but more now myself, crawling towards
the quietness that I can hear
No words, no thoughts
encounter God
encounter the sun
encounter the universe inside
encounter beauty let it hang out
in miles of gratitude
in a fluent language of peace

surrendered to the souls who touch souls
where the nobody- goes and nobodies names
are Jack, or mine Suzan or Sal or Fred or Cory
or any of that
Just spirits without all the other stuff attached

roam around in splendor
smell the potential of another magnificent existence
understand the meaning of it all
be – alive in the center of it all
wake up to feel the sky against my skin
hold hands with travelers of the moon
kiss the son of God when he or she has come
bow before the throne of grace
just be…~in kind that is all
that is all
your kindness sister, Krissy


8 thoughts on “Do You Really Need Another Title?

  1. Monique.Art for Pain Therapy

    Spiritual Enrichment. I’ve recently embraced just being me and that not fitting in can be good. I love the early morning stillness, drinking my coffee and just letting my thoughts drift while pondering my purpose…having my conversation with Jesus…without uttering a single word.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Monique.Art for Pain Therapy

        You’re Welcome. You never know how some one will benefit from you…just being you. I’m grateful for you. 🌹

        Liked by 1 person

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