Love & Love & Love


litany of light

A light of beauty can glow. I know they say it’s ugly. Folks in the world would have me believe that it is. There are times that I do.

Now I think, in healing the world, we’ll heal the minds of the world. That shape its’ colors – soft greys and cooling tones and even when it storms, the clouds sing in harmony.
The voices in the distance echo back its origin. A name unto itself, a gentle warmth to all its nature.

and the world is beautiful,
the essence of radiant moons and gleaming lights.

lights that heal
lights that exchange sufferings of another
in gems of splendor
in valor
in beauty
in truth
in practice
in wounds
in past mistakes
in falling apart
in getting up
in forgiving
in starting over
in present
in saving
in quietness
magnificent beauty
in loving themselves~kindness sis. Krissy


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