Not The Same Old Thing:

transpire the light r

There I was in the thickets and weeds deeply invested in the negatives. This and that. Swaying one way and then another. Coming apart at the seams. Sown loosely together once the world’s notions set in.

An old bag of threads, swiftly mended and worn. I’d looked to find these loose ends, there’s a hole in my sock, in my pocket and even in my couch No point of hiding it. That’s just what they are.

Things. Things. Things.
I could chalk this up as bad karma or madness in living.

What I will say, here’s to the right now. All these things have taught me the value of a smile, a priceless ebb, and flow that joy brings.

I have used my couch, my sock, and even my pocket very well.
So much so there’s proof

So here’s to the right now, Deeply breathing as the earth heaves and rest.
I’ll do the same. Smiling at the hole in my pocket.
In gratitude, I’m so grateful. Blissful in comfort here’s to the right now.
Cheers~kindness sis. Krissy


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