Burning Spirit: Lights On

When stillness enters I have no need to contemplate the future. Worrying over a false sense of something that hasn’t taken place. “Be.” I hear in a soft whisper. Rising out of chaos in my head.

On the first try, my eyes closed but my mind speeds up. Thinking harder about my past choices even the most vulnerable ones. My mind says to me. “Your not ready are you?”

I hollered back “yes I am. Yes, I can be,” but I have a habit of shaking my legs from time to time when I’m sitting down. So the mind is right, okay maybe not right now.

“Be still.”  The voice comes in a little more, quiet. The room fades back. Sensing the light breaking through – black and white curtains.

I couldn’t hear the rest,  I believe it was the presence of God. Quieting -things, that consumes… The talk with God. To hear his voice so near. “God is”. And in that space that can’t be defined, we are drawn for the renewal of the light that burns us into beings in this world. And prepares us for worlds to come.

“Be still and know..” well we know the rest~kindness sis. Krissy


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