Monthly Archives: February 2019

Beauty for Ashes:


often down the road of memory
traveling to questions. I won’t know the answers.
Take one…

millions of millions
filled with discretion.

their smiles are down
twisted, contorted versions
of themselves

sanctuary, primarily
seated in confined spaces.

take two…
Life is so darn-humbling
transforming pain into
journey- made

turning water to wine
blind man to see
leopards are walking to Jesus

tell me, all that I am
if we go, who’s to say
and if we stay…

Raise me from the dead
rolling away stone

Take three
God and the father,
Holy Spirit,

Take me
put it all right,
something I can’t see

a heart will grow
a spirit to believe,
and it all works out in the end
and it all works out in the end~Kindness sis. Krissy




Finally, we rolled up the sky’s
wicked covering,
something innate and beautiful
take a look around,

sense a rubbery bane,
played amongst the youngest pup

What’s a star if there’s no shine?
What’s a sky if there’s no sampling?

a whiff of cold baby-fresh air
bare her wit against the widest stone
take a long- wild look around

know your own existence
translucent- temple pouring
out her love~krindness sis. Krissy

Missing People: Only God Knows

Disappearing worlds
disappearing people
mostly from those
who can’t own their own names
hiding their faces
conspiracy on the brain
ain’t it funny
isn’t it sudden
crucifixes and rockets
running before flame
frosted pumpkin patch
cradled gates
paper tears
 invisible dinners
from inners of those who have no name
virgin prayers-whisper
through the night
settle over eyes
that have no savior
escape they say!
escape even if there is no way
save your self!
save your fears
save your children from the wall

there’s a world falling apart,

disappearing people,


missing names~kindness sis. Krissy


Deep are the present moments, they remain clear

lightly touched are the eyes that hold them

smudge by the fragrance like cotton’ deeply marked secrets

sought out thoroughly by the mind

the heart to hear it moan, its’ peep

and silence to lure back its’ souls

where the wondering first began

1% miracles

95% frivolous things

2 of them, dreams of a better future

1 more for the ways things were

none but none have yet to be

the present and the moment still

untold ~Kindness sis. Krissy







God Is:


When you feel, there is no one.
God is.

as if the morning sun walked right up to you.
leaning on your shoulder. Pulled in a gentle breeze.

cleared a path for you to follow.
tapping crystal waters,
see the tabernacles of the sky.
the journey of no suffering.

God is the temple…

holding eternity in one hand.
the peace of humanity in the other.
the elder brother to guide,

savor a moment of embrace.
all else will fade away.
all else will fade away.~kindness sis. Krissy