Missing People: Only God Knows

Disappearing worlds
disappearing people
mostly from those
who can’t own their own names
hiding their faces
conspiracy on the brain
ain’t it funny
isn’t it sudden
crucifixes and rockets
running before flame
frosted pumpkin patch
cradled gates
paper tears
 invisible dinners
from inners of those who have no name
virgin prayers-whisper
through the night
settle over eyes
that have no savior
escape they say!
escape even if there is no way
save your self!
save your fears
save your children from the wall

there’s a world falling apart,

disappearing people,


missing names~kindness sis. Krissy

2 thoughts on “Missing People: Only God Knows

  1. Maren

    So poignant — so many ways people are missing. The girls taken by Boko Haram, those lost to fetanyl, simple friendships just untended, and the way TRumpmanship wants to make people send each other away.



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