Finally, we rolled up the sky’s
wicked covering,
something innate and beautiful
take a look around,

sense a rubbery bane,
played amongst the youngest pup

What’s a star if there’s no shine?
What’s a sky if there’s no sampling?

a whiff of cold baby-fresh air
bare her wit against the widest stone
take a long- wild look around

know your own existence
translucent- temple pouring
out her love~krindness sis. Krissy


3 thoughts on “Hypnosis:

  1. Maren

    I hope I can live my day with such a directive “take a look around.” Wha you have seen — wonderful. I am anticipating snow then sleet then snow then dirty urban piles … grey sky and the following struggle with depression of someone I love so fragilely holding away addiction … what if I take a look around, play with the youngest pup?



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