I feel like Writing:

“The peace that passeth all understanding” and grace to make you feel like home

Country roads are fields with stillness, the most- merciful trees

and though I’ve kept myself hidden in thunderous clouds.

Lampshades are burning and streets light make its final hum.

From the days of fading pictures, laundry on the kitchen table, kids, roaming backward stepping over all the cracks.

Do you want cereal for breakfast? Or heat up that leftover apple pie.

I answer only to steal away the sorry, of the something we left behind.

Dusting off the old table, trickling tears of love. I hear mama, like God,

and she said it’s alright anyhow.

There are days I wish to see it, hold all those lives in my hands, me and mama

God, glue us all together, pasty, smashed hearts still waiting for love.  still crawling through the darkness, still breathing in the country stale-cold air, and knowing all along this is home.~Kindness sis Krissy






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