Tides of Appreciation:

A Pinch of the pressure, on things I’ve seen

a subtle heat on madness – losing sight

and you’d wish you’d gone blind

I’d give you my  eyes-  you’d appreciate the mad

turning off the skylight, turning off the machines,

this is meant to be my year

I lost my father to appreciate, all lost fathers, while kicking and screaming -demo beaming, but I had a mother to appreciate beating cancer.

losing her legs to appreciate

walkers, wheelchairs, sturdy canes, nurses walking by her side

I had three kids to appreciate all that was good when evil came.

I’ve stepped right outside inside in the middle of March, to herd that winter air at negative seven degrees, to appreciate a small hint of sun crawling up my skin

Eyes are closed, mouth is closed – maybe now to appreciate breathing


5 thoughts on “Tides of Appreciation:

  1. loristrawn

    It finally happened, Krissy! We wrote about the same thing at the same time (appreciating warmth after winter’s chill). Great minds think alike!

    Liked by 1 person


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