Can’t Imagine A Better Love:


As the world evolves into stranger places

the stranger things are us, learning ourselves from the inside

breaking the blood of the broken

life is so humbling and I even can’t explain this feeling

when mountains move, mud collapses, there is no bottom

At 3:04 am the cry of the soul brought them closer together

tethered ropes of iron prayers,

Anybody tell you its okay to lose? All that’s worth losing

Anybody tell you fight because you smell death coming

ain’t it something to share a love like that

share a shameful burden, on a thing like that,

the psyche behind love in its vastness, loving all that’s left, tearing through the verse of this poem, loving the things that are forgotten, loving them when they refuse,  A kilt of love that’s tender,  A love that bends,  A infinite psyche of love that has no end.~Kidness sis. Krissy







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