You’re Already Love:

And sometimes you feel,
you’re losing your children to the monsters you can’t see
the secrets tip softly, against a myriad of quicksand
our ears pick out palpitations of the heart

retroactive, our hips spin out-of-socket
overactive commotion, back then we waited to tell you,
lifted you, held the darkness at bay

prayed you’d be better, anything better than what we became.
loving you, felt like a gentle moonlight pressed against a cold-hearted world
and constantly, we prayed that you feel love,

when breeze crawls upon your skin, may you feel love
when you climb the highest mountain with sweat and you watched a thousand sunsets
after- all, you’ve spent seems to be in vain,

I pray you know, you can come home
to a love that’s always waiting, always here
always ready to love you~kindness sis Krissy


10 thoughts on “You’re Already Love:

  1. rhcwilliams

    Co-co-sign what Lori said, also. So beautiful, it hurts. Slice of life, to the bone – you want to protect the ones you hold dear. But you have to release them, knowing they will get hurt. I really feel this one, Krissy!

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  2. Monique.Art for Pain Therapy

    It always comes down to “Love” doesn’t it?
    If you can’t Love ❤️ yourself, you can’t Love others the way they need to be Loved. One-sided Love ❤️ waiting to be Loved without conditions and unshielded glimpses of the Soul. Just Beautiful Kissy!

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