God is Not a Murder:

On the other side of growing up
I didn’t realize until I started
having meditative- contemplative
meetings with my mind
There I was getting to be 40 more real- 35
on the side stuck this little green-gullible girl
a rebel,
afro-mellow, drama-free
non-double jointed walker.
Believing humans made God out-to-be a murder
but I knew God would never kill
it wasn’t in his nature
to subject the thing God loves the most
with punishment and cruelty
Let’s clear God’s name
let’s stand presently accountable
for things heinous, unspeakable and inhumane,
the God I know, would never “cast the first stone”
and so it would seem it may take me the next 40 years
to understand God and 40 more to understand why we
did nothing.
Then I realized man…

Man has always wanted to be God.
Swivel side to side, sit on top of golden glass pretending to
make the sunrise, cause the moon to descend, make rainfall and feed every green bird and tree.
but God in a gentle laugh, holds us tightly in one hand and galaxies in the other, knowing
how it all ends, and how it all began.~kindness krissy


13 thoughts on “God is Not a Murder:

  1. rhcwilliams


    When I started reading this, I was sipping coffee and taking a bite of a blueberry muffin.

    I realized I couldn’t do anything else but READ THIS NOW, so I pushed aside my plate. Put down my cup.

    This isn’t just one of your greatest, Krissy. It’s a divinely-inspired scroll of wisdom.



  2. Maren

    This is amazing and wonderful. Not to speak of true. One question — are you using”man” here as humanity or as “male human being.” Well, it can be read in certain circumstances either way … just wondering …

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  3. rhcwilliams

    Krissy, I think there was some kind of turbulent energy going on in the universe in this last couple of months, don’t you? I had a dream about it and wrote a post “Ask the Second Question.” I had to find a way to check in with my beloved bloggers without being intrusive about it. Make sure everyone knows we’re here for each other. Does that make sense? We missed you, but don’t post if you aren’t feeling it. You take care of you first. PS Hey Maren! 🙂

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    1. Visionariekind Post author

      I truly agree. For some odd, everything that could happen did happen. Not that it was all bad it just took me away from my art of blogging. It meant so much when I read your message. I was down in the dumps that day. I kept thinking about it (wow Ruth you checked in with me) that brought in a -round table of support from another realm , God sent for sure! Thank you , and I’ll return the favor if ever – I see that universe has taken you too. You are so right, take care of home first. blessings my friend 😊🎶🎶

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  4. rhcwilliams

    Round table of support from another realm! Yes. That’s what I think also. We’re all there for each other, like it was meant to be. Blessings to you too, my friend! 🙏



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