Month: June 2019

The truth bares its bone of bones and trade they’d trade their spirits for red wine- roses picked clean. mother began to sing, “Nobody Knows  the trouble I’ve seen, She’d given birth to many of Nobody things- whose arms are those -she holds the pieces of missing girls, whose legs are these – she maps […]

Not that I have it all together but I hope to one day make you proud Not that I’ve survived a thousand-summers I’ve made it out somehow… looking for God in all the wrong places days piled on days, it’s crazy how it all sounds and if, God’s not hiding- then where in the world? […]

    I’d gone away mostly unnoticed, unremitted evaporating against a massively, spirited-feeling God is rest God is rest God is rest… I’d find myself resting in God God resting in me, unbraided, imperial feeling unbending – the velvet sky even she purses a silent howl the cares of living and sorrow weary, plundered in […]