Month: August 2019

Often it is said with such desperation, there is a surge of danger- lurking, gasping in the dank air between two worlds of their’s and mine. In my world, I knew a warmth only the sun gives, where many of the saints are living elders sitting on their porches, spitting wisdom through their full cheeks. […]

She is not a woman who has fallen into depression and dug -deeply to get out She is not the kind of girl that was so green- life has compelled her to see God She is not a lonely girl, sitting all alone, and not dealing with her loneliness She is not the wannabe survivor, […]

  I could own all my ugliness like I’d never had to hide, breaking through, the dark silhouette of the moment,                             paying for it,                                 shoe after […]

Looking over my shoulder I was 13 when poetry found me in the library hovering over the latest beauty magazines wondering why I couldn’t see myself Moma’s job had just ended, we still needed money for the past due light-bill going to church wasn’t bad, as I recall Moma gave over every last cent paying […]

unsuspended, steady -unsteady chaos steps out into the morning air, just the same as me chaos beats at me like two fighters in the ring pounding, adrenaline all this time I thought the closest thing to God was water. I thought when God made man God and creation- one big-fat human dance and then I […]

Walking through the corridors of summer, past the heated mist. drifting winds – offering her sentimental feelings feeling young, feeling whimsical feeling brave feeling holy-sedated I wished a tiny prayer upon a nation. kindness sis Krissy                

Innocence and ingenuity a double consciousness of the self” to be good and colored is to be provoked-powerful and powerless in the same passing breath. Like the air I’m breathing is so high, standing at the mercy of the auction block, ” bringing out your dead, you son of a preacher!” that is the hunting […]