“Physician heal thy Self”

Dear Love, I think I gave myself eczema, I knew I did it. my kneecaps are freezer burned,  forearms, every day a  painfully new textured,  risen tree- trunk, treasures talking, broken waters, jaws out of joint…

I think I scratched out a placed called home in the layers of my skin, gut out the first layer  never mine second, never mind the  hallucinations in the brain, in the pain, under the covers in the night, where Jesus kissed us gently on our foreheads, soft black woolly,

I think I scratched out sacred-blood, where home never had to leave, never had to say goodbye, praying to the rain, praying to round bloody drops that bleed.

dear four-year-old, small pigtail girl, don’t scratch your prayers down deep in the night

dig deeper, to reach heaven, dig deeper, you never left Eden, deeper the taste of fields berries and mint drip and drip, nakedly.

Dear love, I give you this healing….Kindness sis Krissy


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