What’s the world coming to?

Today the rain was falling fat like little birds fighting over the last crumb of bread, the tin roof clicks and clicks at me until I stop and pay attention. Watering the basil I’ve planted over the summer, refreshing the old yellow peppers still on the vine. Someone once said “water holds memory” maybe like a movie or a script waiting for the playback in the back of my head.

I was there two weeks ago sitting at a table. The conversation went something like this,

Mrs Potrho: you know, I’m thinking nonviolence didn’t do much.

me: how’s that?

Mrs. Portho: well my daughter said she had a bit of an incident, at the shopping mall where a woman ran into her or they ran into each other. Anyhow, my daughter said excuse me. To be polite and the other woman involved said “watch it you black B***ch”, now at this point my daughter said in haste, “do you want to take this outside”?

me: um, I hope she was able to walk away?

Mrs. Portho: you know – my daughter was right. It’s too late for turning the other cheek.

me: but, nonviolence is resistance in itself. It’s offering, peace, it’s offering something that the world is shouting for. That is to say, do I want justice?  Do I want the laws to change? Do I want all persons, no matter the color of skin to feel safe? Surely I do.

me: revenge only calls for more blood and more death.

After that, we changed the subject.

feel free to add your thoughts below- I’d love to hear what you’d done in this situation your Kindness sis. Krissy




9 thoughts on “What’s the world coming to?

  1. loristrawn

    I understand how Mrs. Portho feels: After so much abuse, turning the other cheek may feel impossible. It is as if one side ALWAYS has to turn the other cheek, ALWAYS has to be the peacekeeper. But I stand in solidarity with you, Krissy. Nonviolence is an offering. Violence is a dead end. No one can hear or learn when they are busy slapping someone else. No matter how hard it is, we must forgive…not just seven times, but “seventy times seven times.”

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  2. Sheila Murrey

    I used to get mad. Situations like this would completely unnerve me! After years of feeling the struggle, the emotions, the resistance it all brought, I learned to walk away. I might utter something under my breath too, but I would walk away.

    Then a few years ago, a wise friend of mine taught me to mentally “send them love.” And I have practiced that ever since. OM

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