The Prophet and the Poet:

Innocence and ingenuity a double consciousness of the self” to be good and colored is to be provoked-powerful and powerless in the same passing breath. Like the air I’m breathing is so high, standing at the mercy of the auction block,

” bringing out your dead, you son of a preacher!”

that is the hunting growing in the Americas’ schoolyard

that is the devastation rotting in a message on Sunday Morning

that is the dead blackbird in a second-grade locker

that is a pipeline from school to prison

that is a massive, shooting dying to be dead

living to be dead

that is to pray…

God I know this is the next fire time

God I know, there is a rainbow to follow

God, I want to know good, not happily ever after

God I want to know the sweet bye and bye

God, may we live the- good life

and die happy

full of old age. kindness sis Krissy




4 thoughts on “The Prophet and the Poet:

  1. loristrawn

    Krissy, this rivals anything the poets of the Harlem Renaissance ever penned. It is a hot knife of truth. It belongs in anthologies. How are you not famous????

    Liked by 1 person


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