What Lies Ahead:

Looking over my shoulder

I was 13 when poetry found me in the library

hovering over the latest beauty magazines

wondering why I couldn’t see myself

Moma’s job had just ended, we still needed money for the past due light-bill

going to church wasn’t bad, as I recall Moma gave over every last cent paying for a miracle.

In the morning the sun rose gently, helping us with another lightless day

then it was poetry and I, stride by stride,

pain and grief, blood in the middle.

  I was writing,

kindness sis. Krissy 




7 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead:

      1. Maren

        Most poets I know are survivors … and I got lucky and my Dad found AA when I was 13 and it turned his life around, but I kept on writing.


      2. Visionariekind Post author

        indeed we are, so glad you kept on writting also glad to know your dad was able to turn his life around, many are not so blessed – beautiful testimony 😊


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