Month: September 2019

Anytime I make a mistake or drop the ball on the way to success I confront my inner self… I wish I could say, that on the inside was – all unicorns and fairies, and “birds singing in the dead of night” Honestly: improving what goes on in my mind has been one hammered- rollercoaster. […]

My mirco – meditation -mantra After a long week, and in serious need of rest and relaxation. In sound and without all the noise I repeat… I’m here for me, I am already loved.      

Sometimes we are the “worst and best” of ourselves. The best of friends and most cruel enemies inside this industry of the mind so the next time someone asks – How are you?  I believe instead of caging all my raging feelings – I shouldn’t shout I’m fine – because I’m not. Yelling up a lamp […]

On the days I’ve laughed so hard- my sides ached and cheeks are sore from falling into a honeycomb of goodness, feels like church, feels like- Hello Sunday I’d respond with all my teeth in the sky. No more pain, no more suffering, No more stuggle, no more tears only tears of joy only sweet, […]

Step one – vulnerability sometimes when you think you know the way- you should go I find myself catching the bus at the end of the line two- when I am exposed beads of sweat roll across my forehead, all I want to do is bury my lungs in hot coffee Three- on being a […]

        “Prayers in the blood,” she said couched over I could see, the pain piercing through her eyes – beholding the mother of Jesus on the cross and for several hours we waited. The light in the bedroom was dim, the small lampshade flickered while the sun caught the latter glimpse in the afternoon. […]

In my world, that is the world in my head, the construct of race isn’t a thing, the fear of others isn’t a thing it isn’t pushed and pecked – punished by the shade of its skin , it isn’t less chosen- what is the aggravated difference between midnight and twilight in its degrees of […]