Next Time Somebody…

Sometimes we are the “worst and best” of ourselves. The best of friends and most cruel enemies inside this industry of the mind

so the next time someone asks – How are you? 

I believe instead of caging all my raging feelings – I shouldn’t shout I’m fine – because I’m not. Yelling up a lamp post. Talking to myself.

When hugging trees are not enough, and spirit animals haven’t solved any major crimes.

lately, I’ll square off, let my shoulders down, close down the deep dark circles in my head

I pray you’d hear me, then I wouldn’t be telling “nobody but God”

I’d say- I wasn’t feeling the warmth of sun today, I couldn’t quite grasp the sound bluebirds singing through the trees.

louder than the first whispered prayer of the morning-  a faint voice- replied:

“it’s okay, anybody ever -tell you it’s okay”?

kindness sis Krissy



5 thoughts on “Next Time Somebody…

  1. robinbenjamin4

    I especially like the line: I wasn’t feeling the warmth of the sun today, I couldn’t quite grasp the sound of bluebirds singing through the trees.” It captures something true. And it’s okay.



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