Bullies of the Mind:

Anytime I make a mistake or drop the ball on the way to success I confront my inner self…

I wish I could say, that on the inside was – all unicorns and fairies, and “birds singing in the dead of night”

Honestly: improving what goes on in my mind has been one hammered- rollercoaster.

when I was younger I’d always asked my sister was there something in my nose or on my face. She was a personal mirror due to the negative outpouring of voices around me.

As I got older, appearance became something that was exhausting. Do I look neat, smell clean, skin glowing? I hope I don’t look dull today. How’s my hair? Am I smiling too much?

I know I’m short- better stand tall. Walk with grace

Confidence come through,

bravery come through,


Aggh! Enough Already! Just shut up.

Push the world out the door or throw it out the window

I just gotta be here and be okay with that

kindness sis krissy






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