Month: October 2019

    everywhere I go in my dreams, I ‘ve been an old woman, a goat, a slave, then I am young Phillis Wheatley, reading wa-a-y before my time on the precipice of tiny clad-anchors, holding mighty ships together, the bit in a horse’s mouth carrying precious cargo by the saddle, sobbing up direction, relics […]

Ideas to implement/improvement in my community and in my home( my original family photo in home book tree this fall break gifted(me) – A mother of three with this notion of creating a book tree and after thoroughly searching my house for books. The kids and I had more than enough books. I must say […]

    The drinking gourd beneath the cheery-red bricks. Set a watchman over dead trees.  They don’t wanna be dead anymore. Ferryman on the river. Don’t lose the night. In the belly of the river over on the other side. kindness sis. Krissy (free photo pixabay)

I’ve been the invisible friend, the cowlick in the middle of the scalp. Parted sideways, pitching tents for newcomers, A broomstick of sortments, a  lampshade – a tender flicker listening. Flowering others in light what I’ve been… When you walked, your shoes stepped over mine, the bumble, the busy/ tend not to see. while there […]

          (free photo pixabay)     I listened to a women’s life story. How the sky became her home. How the trees kept her company when the windy -barks, lean and blow. The clouds to be her pillows on the cold October park bench. Her wavy-coiled black hair had a mind […]