Feeling Like I have No Prayers Left:







Literally for the first time in a long time. I had no desire to pray. Has that ever happened to you? So many thoughts floated in and out my head. I pressed my lips to say, Dear God, but -there was nothing. Rather it was something more of irritated, dry resistance that came over me. And then I sat there.


I’ve been lost before, strangely my soul has cried. Dear God grant unto me a prayer when I can’t find one. When everything around me says, The heavens are iron brass and dust beneath my feet.

No less than saying that, I heard the winds howling. Smell the dust spinning in the air. I think when it rains. God sips ice-tea through a long copper straw. The sky clicks her heels together. God whistles- the sun slips back into her layer, watching tiny clouds prancing through the marvelous mixture. “Their eyes are watching God” And God is listening, Ambitiously, anticipating the light in the darkness.

must be rain.

kindness sis Krissy


16 thoughts on “Feeling Like I have No Prayers Left:

  1. Sandra J

    Beautifully written, I have had those moments. I have learned that just sitting quietly in the early mornings before the world wakes up, I just sit there without speaking, and as you said He speaks to us in ways we would not beable to hear when the distractions of life are surrounding us.

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  2. BoardFlak

    Even when the words will not come, remember that God still hears what you cannot say. He is always attuned to you; whether you can feel His presence or not, He is there. The Bible says that our Father in Heaven wants us to pray, but He knows our needs before we do. That’s the great thing about having a Daddy who is omnipotent.

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  3. sirkevinshistoricfacts

    I thank you for reading my blogs. Yours deals with more depth in existing faith in God. He exists I know beyond the doubts on his children who search for answers and do not see we are his family .Walk like him think like him bit do not care so much as he. Your prayer has been recorded as all we think and say is stored. Will those gates allow me in ? Vanga a blind prophet in Europe said not all will pass through. So I repent the long life of gain and sin and as almost normal to mankind I now see it as a weight to drag behind me up a long slope to the closed gates. Time is now to let God through and listen not talk to him in side me. God speed oh! you of the wind ride it to wisdom and be yourself in all things.



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